China ranked last in generosity index

China ranked last in generosity indexInvesting and doing business may be second nature to many Chinese, but just giving money or lend a hand to help someone out is not. China is the least generous country in the world, says the 2016 World Giving Index research report.

China was ranked last in a survey on generosity by the Charities Aid Foundation among 140 countries and regions in the world. The foundation polled about 1,000 people on questions like: ‘have you helped a stranger, donated money to charity or volunteered your time in the past month?’

Donating time and money to charitable causes is not very popular in China, which was placed 140th out of 140 in the poll, behind Palestine, Yemen, Greece and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While only 24 per cent of the Chinese confirmed that they had helped a stranger in need, 81% of Iraqis did the same. Just 6% of Chinese said they had donated to charity. For comparison: 91% of those polled in Myanmar said they had given money to charity during the same time period. Finally, only 6% of Chinese said they had volunteered their time.

In an effort to explain the unfavourable ranking, points out that, due to a diverse range of scams, China suffers from a severe lack of public trust. Taiwan came in at 50th on the list (38th in charitable donations). The top ten is led by Myanmar, followed by the US, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, the UK, Ireland and the UAE.

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