Camel and sheep trade booming in Sudan and Somalia

The export of camels and sheep from Sudan and Somalia to East Africa and the Middle East is booming. The sheep are an important export product around the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha; camels from the region are increasingly popular among UAE nationals for their race performance.

The Rashaida, a tribe that migrated to Sudan and Eritrea from Saudi Arabia in the mid-19th century, are renowned for breeding fast racing camels. They sell their best camels to UAE nationals for prices as high as €75,000. Camels are also sold for their meat to Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

According to a report by The Economist, export of live Sudanese animals more than tripled to €629 million since 2010. More than 70% were sheep. In 2015 Somalia sold 5.3 million animals, worth €360 million. In total, livestock accounts for 40% of the country's GDP.

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