Africa’s rapidly changing landscape, captured in photos

Sometimes, the true story of Africa is best told in images. Professional and amateur photographers from more than 60 countries captured the way the continent is adopting technology and the breath-taking pace of development of its cities. The entries to the Africa 2017 Photo Competition by Agility show what is happening on the continent today.

The annual competition, showcasing the rapidly changing landscape of Africa, found a deserving winner for its 2017 edition. The winning image shows a scene of young Malawian kids using tablets at school to learn their local language.
The attraction of the image lies both in the simplicity of the school and facilities and the use of modern technology to learn the skills for tomorrow. According to the jury, the winner of the contest in the category ‘Technology’, Judith Hermetter from Great Britain, captured the education of Africa’s youth in an inspiring and touching image. “Technology has the potential of being transformational - it can provide personalized quality education in a cost-efficient and scalable way,” Hermetter said.

Kenya and Luxor
Other winners in the competition were Joshua Wanyama of Kenya (category Cities, showing sunset over Nairobi); Mohamed Kamal of Egypt (category Industry, showing hot air balloons flying over Luxor). Hermetter not only won the $2,000 cash prize in her category, but also the Grand Prize of $2,000 for her photograph of the young Malawian students with the tablets.

Agility, a South Africa-based global logistics provider, has organized the contest for the third year in a row. Geoffrey White, CEO, Agility Africa, said Africans and African governments are “embracing technology – and as a result transforming all parts of society. This year’s Grand Prize photograph illustrates the technological shift that is empowering people with access to knowledge and information.”

Getting message out
The competition was judged by an independent panel that consisted of Sneha Shah, Managing Director, Thomson Reuters Africa; Bronwyn Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief, CNBC Africa; and Salim Amin, Chairman of CameraPix and co-founder of Africa24 Media.

“Agility’s photo competition is key to getting the message out about what is really going on in Africa – the alternative energy sources from wind, sun and water; the leading edge technology in schools; the tourism opportunities, and our vibrant and growing cities,” said Nielsen.

Photo credit : Mohamed Kamal, Joshua Wanyama

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