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The Mobike bike-sharing program, an internet-driven, app-enabled program, is the world’s first public bike rental that doesn’t rely on parking poles.

mercredi 21 septembre 2016

With prosperity in China growing, more people die of heart problems and obesity. 44 per cent of the deaths are the result of cardiovascular disease.

mardi 20 septembre 2016

China is now one of the largest players in the world’s energy market. The country is the biggest contributor to global energy usage.

mercredi 31 août 2016

In China, business opportunities often start at government organizations, says Fons Lamboo of the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) Nanjing.

mardi 6 septembre 2016

The world’s smallest drone is about 6 centimetres long. It is developed and manufactured by Playable Creation (Hong Kong) and boasts a high-quality camera.

mercredi 31 août 2016

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